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For those who know me for longer than Tod Leben has existed, I had two of this series published: The Secret of Pack 413 and The Secret of Preshift.

There are a lot more than just that.

All triggers possible in this series, but none guaranteed. There is no limit as to what happens.

At first, I wrote this as paranormal romance, which most of the books can be considered as. But not all. So it gets classified as urban fantasy.
For the most part, you follow the main plot of the main character and their true mating.

There are a lot of books in this list. It will take a while for me to get quick write ups for each one.
Notes: m/f; m/m; f/f means the pairing. ##/## would be the ages of the true mates.

  1. The Secret of Taino m/m 17/18
  2. The Secret of Pack 413 f/m 15/15
  3. The Secret of Preshift f/m 15/15
  4. The Secret of Luna f/m 18/50s
  5. The Secret of Average m/f 40s
  6. The Secret of Search f/m 40s
  7. The Secret of Title
  8. The Secret of Scar
  9. Alpha Protector m/f 17/17
  10. Alpha Child
  11. Alpha’s Diner
  12. Alpha Successor
  13. Alpha’s Guard
  14. Alpha’s Mistrusted
  15. Alpha’s Concern
  16. The Truth in Blood
  17. The Truth of Family
  18. The Truth of Family Part 2
  19. The Truth for Humans
  20. The Truth in Canada
  21. The Truth Between
  22. The Truth with Life
  23. The Truth of Youth
  24. The Truth as Alpha
  25. The Truth of Hope
  26. Forgotten Past
  27. Forgotten Humanity
  28. Forgotten Lover
  29. Forgotten Father
  30. Forgotten Home
  31. The Way of Mating
  32. The Way of True Mates
  33. The Way of Survival
  34. The Way of Beta
  35. The Way of Successors
  36. The Way of Change
  37. The Way of Journalism
  38. The Way of Family
  39. The Way of Healing
  40. The Way of Running
  41. The Way of Flight
  42. The Youngest Alpha
  43. The Youngest Doctor
  44. The Youngest BBQ Stand
  45. The Youngest Daughter
  46. The Youngest Silver Mark
  47. First Mate
  48. First Chance
  49. First Shift
  50. First Boyfriend
  51. First Decision
  52. First Run
  53. First a Name
  54. First Gym
  55. Last Run
  56. Last Straw
  57. Last Refusal
  58. Last Pack
  59. Last Three Amigo

The story currently open is Last Three Amigo.

More info about each will be available in the near future.

The combined word count is about 1.9 million words. Word counts always increase during my edits. And there are stories I can add anywhere in the series. So, this series is for sure definitely surpassing 2 million words. I’ll probably hit the total with Last Three Amigo and I still have two more to go: Last Hope (Joanna) and Last Sheep (Matthew). Or three with an adorable ten years late one with Victoria called New Beginnings or something. Last Hope is gonna be a short, I believe. Last Sheep will be at least novella length. Victoria’s could be anything. It’s not planned. It’s like adorable and fun epilogue that fully gives everyone the entire plan and existence. Still she has a story to tell, I won’t rush it.

Disclaimer: This book is for mature audiences. I do not shy away from sex, sexuality, fighting, or gruesomeness. If it fits in the story, it will be within the story. Each book of this series is meant to be a full story surrounding the true mating of the MC. It should stand alone, but also can be read as a group. Each book is written in the voice of the main character, which is why some almost ignore the romance and some do not focus on the actual action. Any typos or mistakes are solely the author’s faults and I apologize for missing it.
As a note: “talking out loud” {hand notes} <txting> ^mind links^

If you are interested in reading the entire series as if (watch out for everything; it’s bad) [Google Drive Link]

Anyone with link can comment on any of the stories. If you have any questions please reach out to me by email: or

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