Non Human Best Friend

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This collection contains several different stories about the non human best friend in your life.

Table of Contents

Thanks of a Cat (poem): A humorous thank you letter from your cat.
Happy Puppy: Freedom is in the eye of the beholder.
Come Doggy Come (poem): An angel calls to your deceased pup.
Russ and Me: A non binary person and her favorite person, Russ her dog.
Good Boy (poem): Are you a good enough boy to get the ball?
Tree’s Friend: Ever had a best friend who was a tree? A hundred years is a long time.
Pretty Kitty (poem): The child seeks the stray cat they may finally be able to bring home.
Rainbow Find: Where is that meow coming from? It was just pouring rain.
At Rest (poem): My lap. Do not move. #1
The Drive: It’s dark. It’s late. What’s that bump in the road?
Don’t You Move (poem): My lap. Do not move. #2
Throw It! (poem): Good Boy told from the dog’s perspective.
Killing Pets (poem): A little bit about me as a pet killer.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

Or really, I hope it makes you cry as much as it has me. Suffer alongside me for my deaths.

[Non Human Best Friend Triggers]
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