Of the Coming of the Moon

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Of the Coming of the Moon by Tod Leben front cover art.

A collection of short stories and poetry revolving around Halloween, dark fantasy, and myths.

13 Nights of Halloween (poem): An opener for the scary season.
Fake Grave: Short story about a pair of would be grave robbers.
Of the Coming of the Moon (poem): If I was a werewolf and the moon comes… Yeah, that feeling.
Spectral (poem): Spirits passing.
Siren (poem) (short): Simple myth.
Moving Figure (poem): Don’t upstage the beast.
Suspended: Short story following a pair of cave rock climbers.
Attic (poem): Who wants to be in an attic? Oh…
Demon Minion (poem): I’m waiting for my demon and to become a demon… just waiting.
Vampire Killer: Dominik is a successful vampire killer.
A Spell (poem): A spell everyone can use and gain results.
Fetch (poem): Who is playing fetch with a warg?
Pretty Little Gem (poem): Don’t try to take from a dragon’s horde.
Find the Child: Charlene went from learning white magic with her mother to seeking a child she never met. Will she find her?
My Many Headed Friend (poem): Hydrengea protects those who cry and destroys those who fight.
Proud Battler (poem): Modern Werewolves poem. Danielle gets her first kill.
Cottage in the Woods: Are you ready? Am I?
Little White Dress (poem): Little white dress isn’t for a wedding. Guess again.
Attack of the Fire Breathing House Cat (poem): A favorite saying of mine finds new light in a poem.
Successful Night: Did you hear that scream?
Pixie (poem): Find your wings and fly.
Little Sprite (poem): Roses are red is a little different this time.
Living Creeps (poem): Creepy pests need to be removed.
The Secret of First Night: Modern Werewolves short. This takes place in The Secret of Pack 413 from Victor’s point of view.
Starlight (poem): Starlight is safe when the sun is not.
River Snake (poem): The river snake may be frightening, but isn’t going to do things that would hinder its life- such as attack a boat.
Gorgon (poem): I’m not Medusa, so don’t be that scared.
Handling Them (poem): Watch the graves so they don’t rise.
Who is Jack?: A riddle of kinds.
Siren (poem) (long): Story time… Sorry, sailors.
Living Tree (poem): Not everything can be protected by the woods, but everyone can protect it.
Not Alone (poem): Lack of sight does not mean terror is needed.
How to Create a Jack-O-Lantern: A fun how to guide.
Kraken’s Day (poem): The story from the villain’s side. You did hurt his friends.
Look at Me: Or don’t. Can the angel stop drawing attention?
Night Comes (poem): There’s safety in the night; don’t fear.
Warm Cretin (poem): Midnight cretin who purrs.
Never Call a Spirit: It’s a bad idea in general, so why do these people offer no fear?
UnNamed (poem): Let me be unnamed.
Hot Apple Cider: Calm fall morning.
Treant (poem): Let the trees live… Unless they attack.
The Map: Reading a map would be easier with a friend… one who isn’t a ghost.
Conversation in an Empty Room (poem): How does that even work? *shrug*
One Horned Wonders (poem): Sonnet about unicorns.
Cake: Cake for our loved ones.
Taken Away (poem): A fun dream to end the collection.

[Of the Coming of the Moon Triggers]

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This is both ebook and paperback.