This is New Adult not Young Adult. The characters “leave the nest” and claim “adulthood” at the start of the series. The Organization is not a school either.

It is a Science Fantasy. Which means it mixes sci-fi elements and fantasy elements. There is magic. That was created by Nature. But all the normal tech advances are there plus post apocalyptic environment. This takes place over Europe, but there has been change between now and then.

The Isles went underwater. West of the country is all tundra and permafrost.

The main character, Arianna Staton is found in an orphanage by someone from the Organization. Once they realized she has magic that she can control, she is brought to the group that is considered the country’s military.

She thought it was a school at first.

But the training is very much not what she expected.

Meeting a bunch of people, she has to face down the fact death is a very common event here. For teens. The youngest members are only 16. And no one can stay passed 35.

What is going on here?

At current there are 10 complete first drafts of novels within the series.
There is a story set in the same world but shortly after the collapse that’s referenced: Coming Soon.
The 11th novel is being written now when I have free time. And there are at least five more books before the series is complete. It’s probably closer to 7 or more books.

And each one is like 70k words. That was goal for the novel in this series.

There is 660k+ words in the 10 books. Some came in a little under 70k. Coming Soon is 23k.

If anyone is interested in the series, I’m open to beta readers. Or alpha readers as the case may be.

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