Proving Alpha Status

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Proving Alpha Status by Tod Leben front cover

The Lycacons are nobility. Ryan had no idea who they were, but he had their name while staying with the church. Because of that famous name he was raised to be a paladin. It’s been a long life reaching this point where he ends up within the complex the Lycacons keep. The fact he feels at home and confused at the same time should give him some level of understanding of what’s going on.

He left his family as a child to learn to be a paladin. It wasn’t a name given to him by the church, but by his father. Now that he’s returned home, he needs to step forward and become the new alpha of the Lycacon pack.

The problem being, Ryan has never become a werewolf in his life. Are they sure they have the right person?

It is a romance, high fantasy. There are several characters of importance. Each chapter switches who is the one in control. Mostly it flips between Stacy and Ryan, the two love birds.

It will be both paperback and ebook.

As a note: Ryan is temporarily disabled the entire book. He is not fully back to his normal level until the epilogue. Even though he is written as the hero, he is constantly the one who needs to be saved. (Although he does offer a heroic move to Stacy several times. Just not the saving the world type stuff.)

This is dedicated to the land I live on and the people who belong here.

Word Count: 51,406 (give or take)

Tag line: This family I only just met is throwing everything at me – not that I mind the battle – but I should be healing. Stacy’s flight plan sounds better by the moment.

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