Tod Leben Fiction Shorts

There are many in this category.

If you want to beta read, ask. There will always be a fiction short headed for publishment, but it changes so quickly since shorts have high turn over rates.

I’m a thirty plus year writer. Shorts were my original story type. I didn’t write plays until almost double digits. I didn’t write a novella/novel until middle school (and it wasn’t finished then).

Shorts and poems were my starting point. I needed the big emotions out. I write them.

At some point this year I will create Big Wave (a little girl afraid of the ocean taking her away) and Ball Chasing (a puppy chases after a ball). They’ll probably be Cat Gillette. But they’re my original short stories. I need to write them down again. With thirty years between first and second draft only the best of the original will be rewritten.

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