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Troubled Royals front cover by Tod Leben

Troubled Royals was first created by Cat Hartliebe in 2019. It contained the four princess stories Cursed Items, Missing Royals, Crown Princess, and Annabella and Ji.

The new update by Tod Leben contains an additional short story: Snow White Reworked. It also contains a quite a number of poems.

All of the stories and poems reflect around the European fairy tale many of us grew to love. This is not meant for children though. In all honesty, most fairy tales should not be given to children to read. There is normally a lot of death and depressing topics within them.

About the Troubled Royals Rebuild

Cursed Items is my original published work. It should not stay in hiding. That means Troubled Royals must be rebuilt.

Troubled Royals was previously published to include four short stories. The short stories were ebooks that I had combined together to make a long enough paperback.

This time, I am expanding the collection. Poems and short stories that relate to fairy tale royalty. It has gotten longer- long enough to be called a novel combined. The ebook version will be the same as the paperback.

Snow White Reworked is my only short story addition. It opens up a new series for me. Troubled Royals stories generally do not connect to any fairy tale already in existence. My Reworked stories relate to an already known story, but with major tweaks.

I hope you enjoy the rebuild.

Table of Contents

Fluff and Fairy Tales (poem): light hearted and fun to begin the collection.

Cursed Items: Crystal, daughter of Loroth, put on a necklace from her family vault that cursed her with a gender flip. Her story tells of how she regains her position in society besides her new friends. This story faces transphobia in multiple ways.

Singing Princess (poem): What is the story around that princess who was trapped in a tower by a dragon?

Trapped Behind the Window Pane (poem): The confinement from the tower occupant.

Missing Royals: Who’s Mama? Autumn doesn’t really know, but her support gives them a chance at real life in the capital. After managing to create a life, Mama forces Autumn – or her other siblings – into the limelight. Can Autumn handle Crown Princess duties in an effort to protect her siblings?

My Princess (poem): Hope within a shining figure.

Unobtainable Love (poem): The feeling of reaching for an unrequited love.

Fool in Love (poem): Don’t fall for a royal. Just cheer from a distance.

Crown Princess: Father is just creating issues while seeking a proper heir. Antimony ignores her father’s weaknesses while giving the country everything it needs.

Captured by the Dragon (poem): Third prince in line thinks the dragon caught him because he’d be the best king. Foolish.

The Glass Slipper (poem): The mask worn in the face of a crowd. (Yes, this can also be found in [Autist]. It reflects something different here. Everyone must wear a face before the media.)

Annabella and Ji: Ji is a dragon who claims the country is here, but he’s a kid when he arrives. Annabella is birthed shortly after he joins the country as an advisor. When will Ji claim the title of king? (This is mixing sexism and transphobia.)

A Lady (Dragon Rider) (poem): [Natalie the Dragon Rider]’s poem about Natalie accepting her role as lady. This is written before Natalie realizes she is a princess.

Ice Castle (poem): Someone accepts being trapped in the castle of a dragon who controls ice/winter/snow/cold.

Snow White Reworked: A retelling of the Snow White tale where the evil one is the mother not step mother.

Prince (poem): The masked face of the prince versus the truth behind the mask. Falling in love with both.

Princess (poem): A duet between a knight and his guarded treasure. Love is powerful.

The Last Winter’s Storm (poem): This is a double meaning poem where both are obvious. The first refers to the change of seasons as in weather and climate. The second refers to the change of country leadership.

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