Tsuba Ren Triggers

Tsuba Ren cover

[Tsuba Ren] triggers by chapter:

Capture: violence; death; swearing; blood; orphaning; kidnapping; assault; sexual assault; rape; suicidal thoughts; domestic abuse; confinement; pregnancy; guns; explosion; abortion suggestion

My Father’s People: abortion; serious injury; suicidal thoughts; violence; attempted murder; insults

Fight: bullying; fight

The Youngest Heirs: badgering

Power: sexual assault; loss of control; insults

Testing and Training: confrontation; serious injury

Mate: sucidal thoughts; confinement; sexual actions

Blood Caller Apprentice: confrontation

Ren: forced action; fire; confrontation

Grandmother Virginia’s Task: lack of consent; murder


Accepting Black Blood: ritualistic blood use

Epilogue: grave; fire; pregnancy

Adam’s Failure: interrogation

Some of the triggers are worse than others.

[Tsuba Ren] [Triggers]