This is another series of shorts.

  1. Shifting Values
    A lone werecat finds a safe haven with a werewolf.
    Can she accept pack and start a family? Or does she need to flee into the wind?
  2. Becoming Safe
    Starting a family sounds absurd, so why is she doing it? And why does her body mark her life under threat for the entire pregnancy? Why are there threats beyond her pregnancy’s health risks? Did she make a mistake?
  3. ??? unknown unwritten third short.

The third in the series isn’t started yet. It may switch MC. Haven’t fully decided. I’ve put this series off for now. Lots of other stuff to work on. If inspiration strikes will probably be the next time I open the file.

Will this be published one day? Probably. Just not any time soon.

There is a cover that’s possible, but it’s misplaced at the moment. I’ll upload it shortly.