Witches and Demons

[Tsuba Ren] exists in this world.

Current stories:

  1. Tsuba Ren
  2. Low Level Demons
    Cat and Ryan are set on a quest to earn ranks and find Ryan’s father. Ryan hates the fact everyone knows his father’s name. It’s not the popularity that is the problem, it’s the fact Kyle Redfox isn’t being a real father. The chase is on. [Google doc]
    multi book series of shorts; first 16 shorts done WC: 121,998
  3. Head of Hart
    This is a 43k word story that takes place in Germany. There are lines facing off against racism, so I cannot complete the work on my own. Not even with sensitivity readers. This will need a new author who counts as a Black non-male. It’s disconnected enough from Germany, they do not have to be German. [google doc]
  4. Druid’s Daughter
    This is barely started. At only 300 words it’s more a plot than a story.
  5. Newbie Witch
    Same as Druid’s Daughter, this is only a plot. It has less than 300 words for its plot.
  6. Romance plot angelic and shaman
    Even lower on the quality scale for plots. This was based off of a dream I had once. It’s not even 300 words.
  7. Love or Die
    Love or Die is a multiple ending novel. Wilhelm has to pick between dying or picking a partner to turn demon. He starts the story as an elder vampire who is tapping into crazy because of age.

That’s where the series is right now. The stories are supposed to hit against the worst that society offers. Making it clear demons aren’t the most hellish thing in existence.

This is a heavily triggering series. Please be wary before requesting to read anything.

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